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Web Development

Can I change my mind in choosing domain a name;

Unfortunately not. Once the domain name has been registered to your data, you can not change your mind. If you still wish to proceed with the name change, simply ignore the already existing and select a new one.

How much might the construction of my website cost?

There are many factors affecting the price of the construction of websites. These factors include the number of pages to be manufactured, the quality of the graphic design, the degree of interactivity, the Registeration of a domain name if you don't already have one etc. In general, all these factors influence the implementation period, and thus the price. Of course the best way to get a proper answer would be to arrange a meeting.

Will my website be friendly towards the search engines?

All the websites we develop are friendly towards all search engines. The code that we deliver is without tables (tabless), free of mistakes (according to W3C) and responsibly featured, so that the robots of the search engines will easily record your hardware.

How long would it take for my website to be constructed?

The time needed for a website to be done is affected by the extention of the site, its complexity and finally the availability of our team.

Is there a limit to the number of pages for a website;

No, there is no limit to the number a site's pages. You can have as many pages as you need. In fact concerning the search engines, the more pages you have the better!

Will my website be visible from tablets and smartphones?

Over the last years more and more Internet users browse through tablets and smartphones. Webart implements this feature in every new project undertaken.

Internet Marketing

I 'd like some more traffic for my website. What can I do to achive this?

The optimization of sites on the search engines in order to increase traffic is a huge issue. If your website does not have much competition, you can radicaly change the situation even if you are not an expert!

For anyone interested, Webart has some really helpful advice:
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What is Social Media Marketing;

The users of social media, that either wish to get in touch with people or to derive various information, have increased over the last years. For this reason the use of facebook, twitter, google +, linkedin has become a necessity for the promotion of every business. The approach of the public should be made after thorough study, in order to benefit the maximum results from the presentation of all the products and services.
So Social Media Marketing is basically the study and the overall strategy in order to promote a business through the social networks.

Web Graphic Design

What is corporate identity?

Corporate identity is the artistic profile of a company, in other words all the visual elements that characterize it. Basically is the way in which you wish to be viewed by your audience and communicate your products and services. Corporate identity is expressed in every way of visual communication with the public and constitutes a unique and specific image, which corresponds to the philosophy and goals of the business.
Corporate Identity Design services:
1. New logo creation
2. Set of corporate colors
3. Logo conditions of use (where will it be used?)
4. Creation of a slogan, which clarifies the operation of the company
5. Business card design
6. Design of all external communication documents (invoices, offers, letterheads e.t.c.)
7. Web appearance
8. Providing all designs in vector format

What's an online corporate identity?

The web corporate identity aims to achieve the greatest possible coherence of your corporate web presence. Adding web corporate identity to your existing visual company profile will facilitate the public in order to gain an overall impression of your business and easily distinguish you from your competitors.

What does a web corporate identity include?

A web corporate identity includes:
1. Web page creation according to the visual standards of the company
2. Singe Design for all the social media (Profile and Cover Image Design for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest etc.)
3. Online advertising Banners
4. Visual design of email (installation Header-Footer)
5. Favicon placement

How can I digitize my company logo?

The digitization of a logo is a process that requires patience and attention to detail. There is no easy way through which digitization would take place automatically. The only way is to provide the graphic designer with the logo in any form there is (the sharper the better) to be redesigned through specialized programs.

Why should I have my trademark in digital form?

It is useful for an enterprise to have its brand in digital form, so that it could be used in various applications such as printing on billboards, sign etc. regardless of size.

Domain & Hosting

Domain name: What is it and why should i register one?

The domain names are unique names that are used as computer identities on the internet, linked with also unique  address numbers through a DNS system, so that anyone can easily memorize them. For example the name webart.gr is linked to the address number
The domain name gives value to businesses, organizations and even individuals, ensuring a unique web presence.
Your goal during the search process of your personal domain name should be finding a name that is brief, intuitive and therefore easy to remember. A good idea would be to ask for ideas from your friendly environment.
Remember: the domain name does not belong to you. You simply will have the right to use (only you)!

How can I read my e-mails?

There are two ways in order to read your e-mails:
  • At home or at the office Main way
    Installation of your email account in the email program you have on your computer (e.g. Outlook express, Outlook, Thunderbird etc.). In this way, the program you use, transfers your mail from the server to your PC automatically every time you open it.
  • During a trip Alternatively
    Enter the address http://webmail.mysite.gr via a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.). In this way you do not recieve the e-mails, you just conect to the server and read them on-line.

Which choice is better: site.gr or www.site.gr?

Between the two options it is best to choose the site.gr, because it is faster and easier for the user to enter the address. If alternatively you want your website to play with both ways there is this option too. All you need to do is open the .htaccess file and add the following:
- RewriteEngine on
- RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^site.gr
- RewriteRule (.*) http://www.site.gr/$1 [R=301,L]
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