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Unified company profile (Logo, Business Card, Website, Social Media)

Webart Active Media offers a modern way to obtain a unified visual profile for your company.
Our willingness to satisfy our clients in the best possible way pushes to constantly evolve. That is why we have developed a unique way to understand the concept of your corporate identity. Our approach is not only trying to realize your artistic profile in a printed form, but also to expand it into the online field.

At Webart our work is based around the creation of a logo, which perfectly represents the image you want to project for your company. If, however, you already have a logo, which you'd like to modernize or make digital, we are able to undertake these tasks as well.

Evaluate our ability designing logos and corporate identity design, by visiting our portfolio.

Logo design

Creating a distinct and original brand signal is the best way to start "building" your company's profile. Webart undertakes the design of three different proposals (with full analysis) and makes modifications according to the customer's observations in order to achieve a perfect result.

Logo optimization

Logo optimization concerns businesses that want to modernize their brand or want a new style for their company. Our goal is to create a brand that will retain some common elements with its previous form, but at the same time it will represent the philosophy, vision and values of the business.

Logo digitization

The logo conversion from analog to digital is very important, since it facilitates the expansion of the company's visibility to whatever medium desired by the client. A logo, that has a vector format, can be used in any size, completely unaltered.
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