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Unified company profile (Logos, Business Cards, Website Graphic Design, Social Media Profiles)

The team of Webart provides a modern way, in order for every company to be able to obtain a unified visual profile.
Our passion to satisfy our clients in the best possible way pushes us to constantly evolve. That is why we have developed a unique way to understand the concept of the corporate identity. Our approach is not only trying to realize your artistic profile in a printed form, but also to expand it into the online world.

Our work is based around the creation of a logo, which perfectly represents the image you want to project for your company. If, however, you already have a logo, which you 'd like to modernize or make digital, we are able to undertake these tasks as well.

Evaluate our ability designing logos and corporate identities, by visiting our portfolio.

Scientia Maris - Logo design

Scientia Maris is made up of a team of civil engineers who have focused on marine research and infrastructure. Webart undertook the design of a modern logo that would represent the character of the company.

Bizoutis - Director logo

Panagiotis Bizoutis is employed professionally in the field of directing. The logo was created to frame the website and the director's social media profile.

Pets 'n' you - Pet community

The pets 'n' you logo was designed to accompany an online community where one can find information about pets and obtain a pet through the ads of the website.

Tetractys Technologies

Logo design for Tetractys Technologies, which is active in the field of technology development for tourism businesses.

Privato - Logo design

Privato sells sensual women's underwear, accessories, swimwear and handbags. The aim was to create a logo that would embrace all of the company's products.

Natural Living - Herbal products

Natural Living is a laboratory dedicated to the manufacture of various products from natural ingredients. The main products of the company are candles and soaps, but also facial and body care cosmetics.

Kavas - Photo contest promotion

Kavas Yachting organized a photography contest on summer holidays in Greece. To promote the contest Webart undertook the design of a set of brochures.

Villa Elia, Mykonos

Villa Elia is located in Mykonos, particularly in Elia, which is where the villa was named after. The area of the building is divided into two levels and has a swimming pool and sea views.

Kavas - Olive oil label

Kavas Yachting has packaged a limited number of bottled extra virgin olive oil, which will be offered as a gift to its customers.

MacArthur Capital - Logo renewal

MacArthur Capital company is located in New York City and operates in the field of selling, renting and managing properties. The construction of a new website led the company to consider modernizing its corporate logo.

Brand name & logo SportGeek - Blog

SportGeek is a newly established Sportswriters blog. Webart undertook to find a brand name that would easily be recalled by the public, as well as to design an qually dynamic logo.

DAC - Business Consulting

The company DAC Business Consulting operates on the construction of UEFA standards football stadiums in West Africa. Its collaborators are big Netherlands companies.

Lampros Psarris - Carpentry

The carpentry workshop of Lambros Psarris is a family owned company and operates since 1978. The craftsman takes over not only the manufacture of furniture, but the study of the space and the design of special constructions.

Kavas - Red wine label

The Kavas Recreational Boat Rental Company has packaged a limited number of bottled red wine, which is offered as a gift to its customers.

Pallini Force - Sports Association

The Sports Association Taekwondo / Hapkido - Pallini Force operates in the field of martial arts since 2014. The increased promotional needs (flyers, business card Ms.) Led the club to request not only the renewal of the logo, but also the creation of an entire corporate identity.

Yacht Charter - Logo

The Yacht Charter logo was created in order to visually frame one of the websites of KAVAS Yacht Charter company. This website aims to present and charter luxury boats in Greece. The project also included the design of a square shaped business card.

Roussis Driving School - Logo redesign

Driving School KOSTAS ROUSSIS started its operation in 2006 and is located at Katehaki Avenue. Webart undertook the digitization and partial processing of the brand, in order to be placed on the school's website.

Beauty Center - Logo digitization

Eleni Lymperopoulou retains a Beauty & Wellness Center, providing high quality services. The center's logo did not exist in digital format. So as to be placed on the website, it was designed electronically from scratch with great attention to detail.

Dr. Parousis - Logo Digitization

Webart took over the transfer of surgeon Dr. Parousis logo from paper to vector format. This conversion was made in order to place the logo on the website of the clinic.
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