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Logo design for a company that makes herbal products

Natural Living - Herbal products

  • Natural Living logo
  • The leafs
  • Letter design
  • Logo palette
  • The logo on a dark background. Colors: light and dark green
  • Black and white rendition of the Natural Living logo

The workshop

The Natural Living lab sells candles, soaps and cosmetics from herbal raw materials.

The shape

The main shape of the logo is the plandesign of the leaves. These are placed sideways, one to the left and the other to the right, on top of the brand name. Moreover, the left leaf is bigger and a little lower than the right, thus giving the impression of depth. Through this asymmetry of the two schemes, strongly appears the element of nature. Another perspective of the design refers to the formations of the drop, since the laboratory used plant extracts.

The font

The font is specifically designed for this logo. It is influenced by the two leaves and this is why it has so many curves and only a few angles. The thickness of the font is bold, so that it is easy to read even in small sizes. This is particularly useful in applications such as bottles of products.

The color

Through the logo the company wants to highlight a profile, which is friendly towards the environment. Therefore, several shades of green were selected. At certain points we see more bright shades of green, while elsewhere it is also mixed with blue. The leaves are surrounded by a dark green color, so they can be used in various applications without any alterations (eg. sticker on product packages).

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