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The perfect logo: 6 secrets that qualify it

Views: 17442 24 February 2016
The perfect logo: 6 secrets that qualify it

Creating a trademark may seem easy, but is it really?

Many times we come across logos that seem simplistic in design and because of this we are ready to reject them.

Consider, however, is a logo really more and more special as it gets more complicated?

In most cases no, since many data indicate many messages which confuse the public. But there are other elements that can make a logo to stand out and be as unique as possible.

Totality & Emotion

The logo consists of one or more colors, which influence the public perception in relation to the company.

It may also consist of letters or shapes. We must therefore consider:

  • do all these elements manage to form a unified whole?
  • do they cause the emotions that you want?

If a trademark consists of mismatched elements it will not be able to catch the eye, nor will it convince the public for the suitability of the business.

Hidden message

A truly masterful logo has more than one way to be viewed.

At first glance it seems simple in design. But by observing it better cleverly "concealed" messages come to the surface.

These messages are related to the business goals and are imprinted in the mind in a more indirect yet more effective way.


In the process of creating a trademark you must make sure that it will have durability over time.

A logo might go through a process of modernization from time to time. However the central idea and its essential elements should remain intact (for recognition purposes), which means that the first form in which the mark will appear is the most crucial.

Uniqueness - Identifiability

Each new logo should not be reminiscent of any previous, because there is potential conceptual confusion of the public. Therefore you should avoid any kind of clichés, such as modern fonts, which although impressive at first, after one or two years may loose their charm.

This does not imply that they should not be used! You just need to pay attention to each application, so that it actually communicates messages that the company wishes to raise and not just have a logo that looks beautiful because of a trendy font.

Black & White

It is very important for a logo to be easily seen even if displayed in black and white scale.

The main reason is that sometimes it may be necessary for the trademark to appear exclusively in these gradations.

We must consider once more:

  • how much will it refer to its original appearance?
  • is it easy for the viewer to make the connection from one to  the other?


A good logo is easily adjustable.

This is necessary because it must be possible for the designer to be able to use it in as many applications as possible.

The original form is easily noticed in the company folder or business card, but is it still visible as an icon in social media or on an advertising badge?

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