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Is there a specific method to separate logos into categories?

Views: 13621 02 January 2016
Types of logo design

Is there a specific method to separate logos into categories?

As with everything else there is a way to classify the various logos into categories, which would definitely help us so as to choose what suits us more as a pattern in order to follow it in our own logo.


Λογότυπα κειμένου (Wordmarks)

First we will refer to the so-called Wordmarks. In this case we only have letters in the composition and mainly the name of the respective company is used. The difficulty, if we want to follow this style, is that the particular font must be combined with the company that uses it and make no reference to anything else.In some cases the processing of the whole may be necessary, in order to create something unique.
Typical examples of such logos are the trademarks of facebook, NOKIA, AVON among other global companies.


Λογότυπα γραμμάτων (Lettermarks)

Another important category is that of the Lettermark logos. Here the protagonist is a limited number of letters. Some would consider the Lettermarks as a subcategory of Wordmarks, due to their common starting point. But usually in the Letterform logos only the first or the first two letters of the company name are used, creating a very different visual stimulus than if the whole word (or words) of the business name was used.
World famous Lettermark logos, among others, are those of HP, HBO and Chanel.


Σύμβολα (Symbols)

Creating logos, which are symbols or images, is one of the most popular applications. One reason is that the brand that will be created, will be very rare and impossible to look like another signal and thus cause confusion as to its origin. The second reason is that it is easier to predispose the viewer in a positive way, as it takes much less effort to "read" than a signal which would be consisted of letters.
Well-known logos in this category are those of Apple, WWF and Nike.

Word-Symbol Combination

Συνδιασμός Γραμμάτων-Συμβόλου (Word-Symbol Combination)

The combination Wordmark and Visual characteristics is also a widespread application. In this case the viewer is free to optically combine the company with a font or image or both. The benefit is that it facilitates the use of the logo in various applications, since we can use only the font for one application, only the visual point for another application and sometimes both of them in a way that is most convenient for us.
Such well-known logos are those of Puma, Adidas and Pizza Hut.

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