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Domain name endings: What do they mean? How to choose?

Views: 28561 14 February 2008
Domain name endings: What do they mean? How to choose?

Below is given the interpretation of endings, the so-called "TLD", that came from the words "Top Level Domains"

Use for Greece

  • .gr : is the Internet country code for Greece used by businesses and individuals.
  • .com.gr : Derives from the word "commercial", i.e. for commercial use. It is obvious that covers the needs of companies that reach at this solution if the name they are looking at. gr is occupied.
  • .net.gr : Derives from the word “network”. Recommended for organizations that are providing Internet services.
  • .org.gr : Derives from the term “organization”. It’s about non-commercial entities or for non profit organizations

International use (USA also)

  • .com : From the term "commercial", and by far the most popular extension in the world. Most companies want this extension, since it is the most recognizable and proper for someone to have a commercial activity on the Internet.
  • .net : From the term “network” and is mainly used by companies that provide internet services. This extension is the choice of companies that want to set up their own Intranet.
  • .org : derived from the word “organization”, and is recommended for non-commercial entities or for non profit organizations.
  • .biz : Can be used by businesses.
  • .info : The most popular extension after .com, .net and .org. The .info extension indicates that the domain is intended for informative internet resources.
  • .mobi : This domain is derived from adjective mobile, and is obvious used by mobile devices for accessing internet resources.
  • .us : Internet country code intended for U.S … This doesn’t mean that you can not register a .us domain.
  • .tv : This domain is used from websites that features multi-media content and mostly concerns companies in the entertainment field.
  • .tel : Websites that provides Internet communication services for businesses or individuals.
  • .name : This domain is designed exclusively for personal use by individuals..

EU Countries

  • .eu : : Internet code extension for all European Union countries. To have a .eu domain is required to meet one of the three conditions below:
    - have origin or central administration or main establishment within European Community, or
    - have set up a company within European Community and doesn’t prejudice the application of national legislation or
    - Be a natural person who residents within European Community.
  • .co.uk : England. Also .org.uk, .uk.com, .uk.net, .gb.com, .gb.net, .me.uk, .ltd.uk, .plc.uk, .net.uk, .sch.uk
  • .de : Germany
  • .es : Spain
  • .fr : France
  • .it : Italy

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