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Can I save Youtube videos?

Views: 13738 06 October 2014
Can I save Youtube videos?

Videos with useful advice or information are often lost in the internet abyss when we close our browser.

Surely sometimes we all find interesting videos, which we don't want to miss. This is a common problem among Internet users. So how do you save the amazing video you just saw on Youtube?

An easy and quick solution is to add the page where the video is posted as a bookmark on your browser. So the video link remains stored as long as you wish. You no longer need to keep searching for hours using keywords or trying to remember where you had found it the first time.
One potential problem is that over time you might end up with too many bookmarked links. The first thing you can do is to change the file names. It is easier to remember where is what, when you put a name that reminds you of something, than when you just see a list of urls. You can also sort them into categories. The better the classification, the easier it will be to search.

But the renaming and file classification may take some time. Also it is not certain that these videos will be posted for a long time!

Another solution to the problem is using a variety of online programs like applian.com.
he process is simple. First you should copy the link of the page where the video lies. Then you must paste it in the appropriate box and the file is downloaded to a folder on your computer! Applian even mentions all the sites from which you can download videos with this tool.
A useful article which contains many such applications is in www.makeuseof.com. There you will find 18 such tools, together with a description of each one of them.

Happy Downloading!

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