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Webart Active Media

Webart Active Media designs & develops Websites and Internet applications,
and undertakes Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) projects since 1996.

Why choose Webart Active Media

20 years of Experience

Our team has gained experience, knowledge and skills in practice.

Contemporary design

Projects of innovative design
and functionality.


Application of up-to-date technology
in computer science.

Quality guarantee

Development based on international SEO & W3C Standards.


Coordinated actions
throughout the project lead
to excellent results.


Every new project is an inspiration for us and a reason for implementing
a new idea.


Delivery of each project
we undertake within
the predetermined time schedule.


Direct customer service
for the proper functioning
of our services.

Indicative projects from the team of Webart Active Media


UNICEF Website

Logo design & corporate identity

Sanco Website

Brand name & logo design

Apanemo Hotel Website

Website Casa di Voz

Brand design