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Logo creation and corporate identity for company that charters luxury boats

Yacht Charter - Logo

  • The Yacht Charter logo depicts a boat sailing, in an abstract way.
  • Detail highlighting the speed at which the boat is moving.
  • Detail of the middle surface, ranging in color from a light to a darker golden color.
  • Detail of the lower surface, that symbolizes the sea.
  • Color palette of the logo. The first two colors served as board grades.
  • The boat of the logo on a dark background.
  • Black and white rendering of the design.
  • Business card in a square shape. On one side there is the brand of Yacht Charter and on the other all the necessary information.

The company

Luxury, comfort, speed, golden sunbeams and at times plain and other times turbulent waves of the sea were the elements that ought to be attributed to the work of Kavas Yacht Charter. The emergence of all these different elements was a major challenge, since the result should always be understandable, without tiring the eye.

The shape

In order to illustrate the concept of luxury the golden color was preferred on both the upper surfaces. Comfort, a concept intertwined with luxury, is highlighted by the soft, curved, minimalistic surfaces that comprise the logo. With the sharp edges, wherein end the curvatures of the composition, the image velocity is assigned conceptually. The sea is visually expressed in the third surface, which is located at the bottom of the composition, with the upper part being described by a more gentle curve and lower through a more intense one, as the sea moves continuously. The golden rays of the sun fall on the vessel surface and illuminate a part of it.

The color

As mentioned above the main color of this project was gold, highlighting on the one hand the luxury and on the other the strong summer sun. To represent the deep blue of the sea the dark gray was selected, thus highlighting the boat, but also keeping an aspect of yellow color, so that there is harmony in the ensemble.

Further applications

For this project a business card was also created. The reason why this specific card stands out is clearly its square shape. This shape was preferred since it is an extremely modern approach to business cards.

Graphic design for Kavas Yachting

In addition to the logo design for luxury boat rental, Webart has taken over for Kavas Yachting:

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