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Design of Olive oil label, offered as a gift to customers of the company

Kavas - Olive oil label

  • The tag designed in a virtual application
  • The signal of the Kavas olive oil label
  • Detail of the signal referring to an olive leaf
  • The olive oil label, with the wishes of the company and the web page at the bottom
  • The color palette of the olive oil label
  • Illustration placed in a relevant article on the company's website
  • Photograph of the owner of the company, Mr. Kavas, at a conference

The company

Kavas Yachting deals with charter vessels, with a fleet of more than 50 recreational craft. The owner of the company, V. Kavas, owns an olive grove, from which a large number of extra virgin olive oil is produced. A share of the harvest is offered every year as a gift to the first customers of the tourist season. For this year the Webart undertook the design of the label to be placed on the bottle.

The inspiration

Main inspiration was the business sector as well as the olive tree. The signal that has been designed shows a boat through very simple lines. Two leaves of olive were placed as sails.

The color

The main color of the company is blue. Nevertheless golden hues were used for the label, referring to the color of the olive oil. The golden color was placed to display the leaves. All other elements are shown in dark gray, stressing even more the leaves of the olive tree.

The shape

All elements of the label are centrally aligned. At the top are the wishes of the company "Compliments of the Kavas family". The signal is then shown. The peculiarity of the mark is that it depicts a boat, which instead of sails has two leaves of olive. The leaves move lightly, giving the feeling that the boat sails on a calm summer day. At the bottom was also placed the company's website. The font used is minimal and easy to read.

Article illustration

For the announcement of the donation, a relevant article was posted on the company's website. Webart took over the central illustration design. This image shows one of the bottles floating in the sea. It thus refers to bottles, which are left in the sea containing various messages. In this case, the message is the wishes of Kavas Yachting!

Graphic design for Kavas Yachting

In addition to the design of a label for olive oil, Webart has taken over for Kavas Yachting:

The label came out really nice and made a great impression. I also liked the image of the article on the site.
Vaggelis Kavas
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