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Logo design for a villa located in Mykonos, which is available for rent

Villa Elia, Mykonos

  • Villa Elia, logo
  • Detail of the logo design, that is reminiscent of the Mykonos watermills, but also the sun
  • The name, without intonating the i, but only the letter a
  • Villa Elia color palette - Turquoise for the sun and dark blue for the font
  • The villa's logo on a dark background.
  • The villa's logo in black and white (GrayScale).
  • Business card with all the necessary information and map of the island, showing the residence, the airport and the port.

The villa

Villa Elia is a building of modern design in Elia area of Mykonos. It is available for rent mainly during the summer. It is located just ten minutes from Elia Beach. The villa is placed on a hill, thus creating a wonderful sea view.

The color

Talking about summer holidays and Greek islands certainly brings to mind the blue color. Therefore the composition has two shades of blue, which also contain green in order to resemble the color of the sea. The brand name and tagline are the same dark blue hue. The turquoise (light blue - green tint) framed the mill drawing, illuminating the entire composition.

The shape

The composition consists of the wordmark and a drawing of the most characteristic element of Mykonos, the watermill. The mill design is abstract and seems to be driven by a light breeze. Of particular interest is the placement of the mill design, not just to the left of the word, but raised, thus symbolizing the element of sun.

I was totally satisfied! I strongly recommend Webart to anyone who wants a logo design or corporate identity.
Nikos Christodoulou
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