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Web development for hotel complex in Akrotiri, Santorini

Apanemo - Hotel in Santorini

  • Home page with panoramic view photographs of the hotel.
  • Presentation of the hotel facilities.
  • Home photo of the room types page.
  • Presentation of every room type of the hotel.
  • Page with information about the highlights of Santorini.
  • Contact page showing route to airport / port.

Web development of Hotel Apanemo

The Apanemo website has been constructed so that every visitor can easily find all the necessary information in order to make room reservations. The information offered is:

  • information about the hotel facilities and services
  • information about the hotel room types
  • information about Santorini

On the communication page, there are two action buttons on the map. Selecting them, visitors can see the route from the airport / port to the hotel.

Web design

Hotel Apanemo website welcomes its visitors by a very impressive home page slider. The menu is located at the bottom, so as to leave room for the hotel's beautiful panoramic photos.

Each internal page starts with a photograph, which prepares visitors about the content of the page. Then follow the information in conjunction with photographic material.

The hotel's Social media also appear in a particular way at the bottom of every page. They extend along the page and when the cursor is on them, their name appears, which also acts as a link.

On page SEO

All specifications of SEO Standards were met while designing and constructing the website of apanemo.com.

My hotel's site construction developed very quickly and in a spirit of cooperation. The response to my requests was immediate. I would like to thank all the Webart team for the excellent result.
Spiros Progoulakis

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