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Web design for Love 2 bloom - Creative Studio

Love 2 bloom - Creative Studio

  • Love 2 bloom - logo
  • Presentation of featured products on the homepage.
  • Presentation of the workshop's events on the homepage.
  • List of entries per category.
  • Product development page with description and photographs.

Web development

Love2bloom.gr has all the requirements of an online store. All creations are initially shown in small and then larger format, so that the user can examine them with ease. Furthermore, every product is accompanied by a detailed description and price. Particular emphasis was put on the easy browsing of the visitors and the rapidity concerning the data responsiveness when displaying the products of the workshop.

Web graphic design

The design of Love2bloom is one of the most special cases for the team of Webart Active Media regarding the graphic web display. In any other project a mild design would suffice so that the user would be able to navigate with ease in all pages. In this case, however, the main goal was the visitor's attention to be exclusively directed to the artistic creations of the workshop. For this reason even more abstraction of any external element was attempted, keeping only very simple surfaces into which the products are displayed. Pale shades run the site, surrounding the exhibits.

On page SEO

On the website of Love 2 bloom all the SEO Standards and W3C rules were applied, following the international web development standards.

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