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Web development for wood constructions workshop

Lambros Psarris - Wood workshop

  • Lambros Psarris - Logo
  • Lambros Psarris home page.
  • Above the footer are two main sections - useful tips and smart ideas & solutions
  • The section of the laboratory projects
  • Useful tips from wood craftsman Lambros Psarris
  • Smart ideas & solutions from wood craftsman Lambros Psarris
  • Renewal of the facebook page

Web development

This website of the craftsman Lambros Psarris aims the promotion of the workshop's services and projects. The webpage has also two additional categories. The first one is called "Useful tips" and it contains various information on the selection, construction and maintenance of wooden furniture. The second section is called "Smart ideas &amp solutions" and contains interesting and practical proposals for the decoration of commercial and residential spaces, which the craftsman can deliver. These two categories are very important and therefore are placed in two central points of the website. The first one is on the menu and the second in the footer, so they are accessible from every page. The "Smart ideas & solutions" are also placed in the Home page, which displays a random entry, spurring the interest of visitors.

Web graphic design

The site colors are influenced by the logo. Mostly dark brown was used, which is a characteristic color for representing the element of wood. The graphic designer also put an open beige hue in the background, thereby creating a feeling of relaxation to the visitor. A characteristic feature of the website are the lines that cross each photo when the cursor is them.

Webart also undertook to edit the facebook page of the workshop. For this purpose an icon was created, that is visible in small dimensions. The signal diminished and placed in the center, while the brand name grew in order to be easily read. For the cover photo the central image of the site was used and the upper left point has the logo of the company. Now the facebook page presents tips and decorating ideas, with a link to the site, thus attracting even more visitors.

On-page SEO

The site of the craftsman L. Psarris meets all the conditions of friendliness towards all search engines. The page has an SSL key, so it operates on https (secure http). In this way a safe environment was established and a result it is an easily preferred site by Google. The On-page SEO was complied perfectly, creating good traffic conditions.

Logo design

For this web site, Webart also undertook the creation of the logo.

We thought of creating a new website for quite some time. The outcome exceeded our expectations. The site is gorgeous and the management system is extremely easy to handle. However the most important thing is that now the page is compatible with tablets and smartphones.
Lambros Psarris

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