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Web design for company of integrated internal architecture systems

Movinord - Corporate furnishing

  • Logo - Movinord
  • Part of the Home-page that presents selected subjects.
  • Part of the Home-page that presents selected subjects.
  • The product presentation page by categories, on earthy transparency shades.
  • The product presentation page by categories with the selected one displayed without transparency and acting as a link.
  • Sub-page presentation of listed products and the title appearing on a transparency.
  • Page of the product presentation with description, photos and pdf with catalog information and technical characteristics.
  • Lightbox of the product images with their number displayed atthe bottom

Web development

This project concerns the presentation of Movinord's integrated systems of internal architecture. The website was built using modern design standards in order to facilitate the navigation of its visitors. For immediate product search, a search tool was placed on the right side of the menu. Along with the website, a comprehensive CMS system was built, in order to easily manage the products and general registrations of the company. The website was built in such a way that is fully compatible with all portable devices (tablets & smartphones).

Web graphic design

The visual design of the website of Movinord required special care. Because of the company's object, particular importance had to be given in presenting the products. Therefore, the photographs play a dominant role throughout the site. The selected font, which is influenced by the logo, is extremely minimal. In this manner the images are even more highlighted. The colors chosen have earthy tones, creating a calm and relaxing palette to look at.

On page SEO

During the implementation of the site, special importance was given in following the international W3C standards, SEO Standards rules and Google's specifications.

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