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Is the website development easy or not?

Views: 11936 13 April 2016
Is the website development easy or not?

The website development is a very easy task!

Anybody can build a webpage! In fact this can be proven by realizing just how few are those people have yet to build their own website!

Indeed the percentage of pages that have been developed by non-professionals, is enormous. It is indeed so large that one would wonder if it is indeed necessary to have a professional deal with the implementation of the site or just anyone else, who might never have dealt with this type of work again. The answer to this question is that it is indeed necessary if you have specific goals for your business.

In order to understand it in depth you can ask yourself the following questions:
Was the website built in order to make profit or not?
Should an amortization of the initial fund be achieved or not?
How many pages of those we encounter every day are successful?
The truth is that very few are those sites that meet the requirements to be considered successful. Indeed, the majority of the pages are so improperly materialized, that the Internet has become a vast cemetery of... deserted online websites!

So which website can be considered successful?

  • A successful website has excellent aesthetics
  • A successful website has traffic
  • A successful website is created by a team specialized technicians
  • A successful website is profitable!

You may, however, be able to build yourself your own website or play a certain role in its implementation. Which are qualities that your website should have?

  • Excellent texts
    If you are good at writing you may proceed. It goes without saying that the texts should be clear and especially grammatically correct. If you are not comfortable at writing you should better find someone else who will do it for you.
    Caution: do not try to use texts taken from other sites! It is detectable! Anyone and at any time can check whether the texts of hisher website are located on other websites as well! (copyscape.com).
    The texts must be properly aligned, there should be separate paragraphs for each new section etc. They must also be easy to read and pleasant, but most of all they should be convincing!
  • Aesthetics
    If you're comfortable in image processing and know all there is about colors and aesthetics, proceed fearlessly. Although there are successful sites that are unpleasant to the eye, it does not mean you must put in plain sight something that causes disgust. A potential solution the problem could be to purchase a template (templatemonster.com). The images should balance between sharpness and negligible weight. Even now that the online speed is good (compared to the earlier days of modems), images must be processed carefully!
  • Code
    Do you know anything about html; css? php? asp? javascript? mysql?... No? Then it would be best to find a programmer. Beware though, don't just find someone who knows about the above but someone who has extensive experience on the above! They both are able to build your website, But the experienced one will get you traffic!
    The difference between the experienced programmer and the inexperienced one is completely related to the website's traffic!
  • Search engines
    This fourth characteristic is more necessary in case that the competition appears strong.
    Firstly it is necessary for the site to have all the "seo virtues". Although we have mentioned it again in a previous article, we should not neglect the Titles, Meta descriptions, Meta keywords, Headings, Alt texts (in all images), friendly urls for the search engines (and visitors), the robot files. txt and sitemap.xml, submitting to as many directories as we can and many many more details!
    The greater the competition, the more should we deal with the details.

Exactly! The stronger the competition, the more necessary it becomes to have the support of professional web developers.

Keep calm. Get actively involved during the construction of the website, but also during its operation. The results will surprise you!

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