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E-shop web development for company that sells garden furniture and bbq accessories

KYSO e-shop - Garden furniture

  • KYSO Home page
  • Placement of central categories in slider so that the users navigate easily.
  • KYSO SA logo
  • Featured products on the home page.
  • The company's catalog, Grill Academy seminars and e-bikes for sale, with the appearance of icons above the footer.
  • Mega menu for displaying products. Placement of a central photo for the category on the right.
  • KYSO product list
  • Product page with all the necessary information. Ability to compare, add to favorites, view larger image, send to friend, add to cart and view the next product on the list.
  • Participation in the Grill Academy cooking seminars organized by the company.
  • List of news and events from KYSO.
  • KYSO Newsletter - Registration form.
  • Product comparison list.
  • List of selected products in shopping cart
  • Shopping Cart of the KYSO Online Shop.
  • Content management system - Connection with skroutz.gr

E-shop Web development

KYSO SA aims, through its website, not only to communicate with the public, but also to sale its products. For this reason, the website header includes all the necessary information of an online store. More specifically, the bar above the logo shows the company phone with the ability to auto dial. There is also a search tool, but also icons leading to compare products, favorites and the cart. Underneath the logo is the mega menu, containing KYSO products and the unity Grill Academy, where one can apply to attend cooking seminars using WEBER products. In the footer is another submenu with information about the company and the use of the e-shop. The single product page carries out a full analysis of its features with the ability to add to cart, compare it with other products of the same category, add to favorites and send the info to a friend. Under the analysis of the product special buttons are placed in order to proceed to the next item or see the previous one of the list, thus making it easier to navigate. Afterwards there is a list of similar products, so that the user can easily suit any choice (eg. Aluminum table with aluminum chairs).

E-shop Web graphic design

KYSO e-shop has all the functions of an online store, but without compromising the company's products. The logo led to an extensive use of black color, while gray was often placed in the background, highlighting important information. Moreover, the blue color was put in some parts of the website, which KYSO has chosen for its overall corporate identity (catalog, bags etc.). Webart designed the three icons located above the footer (KYSO catalog, Grill Academy, E-bikes). The colors used for these icons were gray, blue and red. The red color was placed only on the "Grill Academy" icon and nowhere else throughout the site, emphasizing that specific service, but also highlighting the element of fire. Icons were used for the comparison of products, the list of favorites, the Shopping Cart and the "send email to a friend" function, with information about a product.

On page SEO

The KYSO e-shop adheres to all the conditions required in order to be friendly to the search engines. The page load time is minimized, so the online store can easily reach high positions on Google searches. The On-page SEO is fulfilled perfectly, thus creating good traffic conditions.

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