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Web design & development for Super-Eco Bulkers Management Inc.

Super-Eco - Maritime transport

  • Super-Eco's home page
  • The advantages of Super-Eco in slider format
  • Presentation of the fleet on the homepage
  • Presentation of a ship with full analysis
  • Super-Eco's contact page
  • Super-Eco's contact page, with open company details

Web development for Super-Eco Bulkers Management Inc.

The website of Super-Eco was built with the main goal of presenting its fleet. That's why the company's ships are presented:

  • on the homepage, in the slider format
  • in an internal page list
  • individually with a full analysis of its features.

In addition to the fleet's presentation, the company also requested the implementation of a resume form.

Due to the extent of the fields, the form was placed as a separate page in the menu with the title Careers.

Web graphic design

Graphically the website is influenced by the Super-Eco logo. Therefore, blue and green color were used to a large extent.

Blue color was placed:

  • in the font
  • in the titles of the site
  • on the slides

Green color was used:

  • in various links when the cursor is located on them
  • as a separating transparency in the analysis of the vessel's characteristics

For the footer of the site, a minimalist art design was designed. This design refers to gentle sea waves.

On page SEO

All SEO Standards have been implemented on Super-Eco Bulkers Management Inc. web page.

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