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Dr. Petropoulos - Doctor's Website

  • The home page of dr. E. Petropoulos
  • A page where visitors ask questions to the doctor.
  • Contact page, with Parking points on the map.

Website development for doctor

The website construction for Dr. E. Petropoulos was done so that the doctor could:

  • present his resume
  • provide information on medical examinations
  • answer guest questions.

Particular weight was given to the implementation of the Doctor's Opinion section. There guests can:

  1. view previous questions & answers
  2. pose questions that concern them about the examinations.

On most pages there is a special banner on the right, where users can address their queries.

Also every exam is presented with:

  • a general text, which briefly describes the process
  • frequently asked questions with their answers.

Finally, the map of the contact page has:

  • a blue pin with the symbol of the cross, showing the address of the clinic
  • three green pins with the letter P, indicating the nearest Parking points..

Web design for doctor

The design of the website is simple, with the main focus on easy user navigation.

the color palette of the website

For the design of the website, shades of blue were used, influenced by the doctor's logo.

In sections, which ought to be emphasized, the light blue color was used, drawing attention.

The dark blue shade of the logo was placed:

  • in all of the website headings
  • in the footer

Implementation with SEO specifications

The website of physician E. Petropoulos is fully compatible with all SEO standards such as Meta Title, Meta description, Headings, Alt text in images, friendly URL to users and search engines, robots.txt and sitemap.xml files.

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