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Website Development of the Sports Association TAE KWON DO - HAPKIDO PALLINI POWER

Pallini Force - Sports club

  • The Taekwondo - Hapkido Pallini Force club logo
  • The homepage of the sports club. At the top of the page is always the slogan of the club SEE YOU AT THE TOP FANS!
  • The main activities of the association with the active one in the dark blue color of the logo
  • News page of the sports club
  • The presentation of the club area with photo gallery
  • Contact page with interactive Google map

Web development

The site tkd-pallinis.gr aims to inform visitors about the activities, program, events and all other information in the easiest way possible. The majority of pages contains a side menu, where all the activities of the association presented. For the presentation of the weekly program a timetable of activities is plased at the "Program and Offers" section. Text Composition For this project the team of Webart was asked to undertake text composition as well. The text composition of the website included all general texts, analysis of the activities, the FAQ section texts, the dictionary, but also the descriptions of all of the images. All these texts are unique, in the sense that they are not found in any other site.

Web graphic design

The visual design of the website was based at a large extent on the logo of the association. The two primary colors, red and blue, which also prevail in of the association class room, were basic colors of the logo. Not black, but gray was the color that framed the two primary ones, thus creating a lighter atmosphere. A special feature was the creation of icons by Webart for the main activities, so as to fit perfectly with the logo design. The logo was also placed in the background of each page, on a soft gray hue.

On page SEO

During the implementation of the website all SEO Standards rules executed. Webart placed texts for all the Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions.

Logo renewal

For this web site, Webart also undertook the renewal of the logo.

I decided to create a web page in order to gather all activities of the club. My collaboration with the whole team was excellent. The site was finished very quickly and went online two months before the beginning of the new season. Most new entries were made by people who found us via the website. I was completely satisfied with the result.
Vasilis Sarabalos

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