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Logo design for wood constructions workshop

Lampros Psarris - Carpentry

  • Lampros Psarris Logo
  • Detail of the logo with tree design
  • Orange and Brown: The color palette of the logo
  • The logo on brown background
  • Black and white signal performance
  • The business card of Lambros Psarris. On the back is the photo that is placed on the carpentry site.

The workshop

The Lambros Psarris workshop operates for over 40 years, resulting in a very wide experience of the technician. The workshop undertakes the study of various, the design of furniture and the final construction. Also conducts special woodwork customized to the possibilities that each area presents.

The color

The two most preferred colors for the logo were brown and orange. The brown is quite dark in order to impart the prestige befitting a company with years of experience. Also, brown is directly related to many physical elements and especially wood. Orange was chosen because it reflects the creativity, enthusiasm and friendliness of the company. Although both these colors evoke such different emotions, their combination worked flawlessly since orange brightens the entire composition.

The shape

The configuration chosen for the synthesis was horizontal, thus creating a feeling of relaxation. The design of the wood is abstract, so the observer to be able to read all remaining data. The word mark "Lambros Psarris" is located at the top right part of the synthesis and is written in capital letters, while "wooden crafts" is presented lower in lowercase letters and with a slightly thinner font.

Website development

Along with the logo design, Webart also undertook the construction of the site.

Excellent idea and implementation! It gives exactly the feeling that we wanted!
Lambros Psarris

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