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Digitizing and processing a corporate brand for a driving school

Roussis Driving School - Logo redesign

  • Driving school Kostas Roussis - Webart logo
  • The previous logo of the Driving School Roussis
  • Red and dark gray, the two colors of the logo
  • The school logo on a dark gray background
  • The school logo in black and white
  • Icon design for the school's facebook page
  • Cover photo for the school's facebook page
  • Icon design for the on-line theoretical training
  • Placement of the logo on the website

The digitization

The logo of the driving school Kostas Rousis was designed so as to be easily seen from a great distance. However, placing the mark on the website did not have the aesthetic result desired by the customer. Therefore, Webart undertook its editing with the aim of reminding the school's logo, but being more distinctive to give more emphasis to the material of the website.

The logo was given excellent analysis, but it had to be designed from the beginning in order to make all the necessary modifications.

The color

The two colors of the logo were easily transferred from the pdf file in illustrator program. The red color remained on the letter "L", as well as on the dot of the letter "i". The gray color was moved from the background to the brand name (Kostas Roussis) and the tagline of the school (Driving School - KE.TH.E.Y.O.) and became darker to be read easily.

The shape

Most changes were made in relation to the shape. The letter "L" became thinner as it already drew the necessary attention through the intense red color. For the same reason, the dot of the letter "i" was shortened. Also the fine white line framing "L" and the dot was completely removed instead of being replaced by another color. Another important change was the removal of the steering wheel icon from the letter "o". Finally, for the tagline of the school (Driving School - KE.TH.E.Y.O.), a simpler font was preferred.

Website development

Along with the logo design, Webart also undertook the construction of the site.

At first the website had the same logo as the signboard of the driving school, but it did not satisfy me as a result. Webart offered to process the logo and the result was excellent!
Kostas Roussis
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