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Logo renewal for estate sales company, located in New York

MacArthur Capital - Logo renewal

  • MacArthur - Logo renewal
  • Comparison of the two logos: on top is the previous logo and on the bottom is the new one
  • Properties icon
  • Capital icon
  • Management icon
  • Color palette: Logo red and gray, gray color of the icons
  • MacArthur - Dark background
  • MacArthur - GrayScale
  • Printed advertisement in the New York magazine for the 17th Annual Capital Link - Invest in Greece Forum
  • Second Printed advertisement in the New York magazine for the 18th Annual Capital Link - Invest in Greece Forum

The company

MacArthur Capital deals with sale, rental and general property management in various areas of New York City.Through many years of experience the company is highlighted as one of the most reliable in its field. The initial logo of the company made it possible to establish its objectives during the first years of its activity and matched the style of the era. But over the years it was considered necessary for the brand to be given a new style. The aim was to renew the logo in a way that would represent the history, the style, the philosophy, the vision, the values and objectives of the company, but also lead it to the future.

The shape

The brand name "MacArthur Capital" was placed on a single line, in order to be read easily. The tagline "Properties - Capital - Management" was also added in the whole. This frase was put under the company's name, so as it could work as a basis of the business.

The color

The red color, that until now characterized the logo, remained unchanged. The gray color was placed in the new word elements of the composition "Properties - Capital - Management". In this way, a separation of the two sets is created, so that the brand attracts the most attention, while the tagline summarizes the company's enterprise services.

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