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Design of logo, business card and letterhead

DAC - Business Consulting

  • The DAC Business Consulting logo
  • Orange and dark gray of the logo
  • Logo performance on a dark background
  • The DAC logo in black and white
  • Letterhead with all the necessary company details.
  • Business card with the company information and the the characteristic A feature on one of the two sides.

The Company

DAC Business Consulting operates mainly on the construction of UEFA standards football stadiums in West Africa. Its collaborators are big Netherlands companies. It also manufactures and manages football academies and undertakes major talent training (ages from 13 to 16), aiming at their promotion in major European groups. Another field of its activity is the creation of partnerships between European and African companies for the development of large infrastructure projects in the West African countries.

The shape

The logo was designed in such a way that exudes the prestige and gravity of the business. This point was emphasized in two ways. First of all through the letters and secondly through the dark gray that dominates the composition. The fact that the DAC company operates in football industry, led us to integrate in the grand total a lighter element, that of the letter "A". This element is both a letter and an arrow, which exceeds in height the two letters surrounding it and is facing upwards.

The color

The color orange was chosen, since it is combined with creativity, excitement and fun.

Further applications

To complete the corporate identity, a letterhead and a business card design were created.

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