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Brand name & logo design for a Sports Journalists blog

Brand name & logo SportGeek - Blog

  • A brand name and a design that captures the eye make this work stand out.
  • The face is imprinted in an extremely abstract way and refers to the brand name by wearing glasses and having soccer balls for eyes.
  • The dynamic black font of the logo.
  • Orange and black, the two colors of the composition.
  • The logo on a dark gray background.
  • Black and white version of the SportGeek logo.

The Blog

SportGeek is a newly established Sportswriters blog. Webart undertook to find a brand name that would easily be recalled by the public, as well as to design an qually dynamic logo.

The main idea was to create a personal dialogue between the logo and the reader, so that the reader can recognize personal details in the logo.

The shape

This is made possible by placing a person, bounded by the two words of the signal. In fact the face visually describes these two words, with eyes made out of soccer balls (Sport) and also by wearing glasses to evoke the idea of the nerd, the absolute connoisseur on an issue (Geek). The letters were instead attributed through a more "wild" mood providing it with a sense of dynamism.

The color

The biggest challenge was to find suitable colors, which would not be intertwined with any sports team. Therefore, eventually black and orange were prefered. Black was put as the main color, enhancing the overall dynamism and orange was placed selectively in most of the facial areas giving freshness and liveliness to the whole.

The establishment of a sports blog was an idea I have had for many years. The team Webart, presented to me five interesting proposals. "SportGeek" as a name, but also as an implementation was better than i could imagine.
Aggelos Fotiadis
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