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Logo design for cinematographer

Bizoutis - Director logo

  • The trademark of the logo
  • The logo of the director Panagiotis Bizoutis
  • The initial letters of the director's name inside the logo
  • The shape of the face inside the trademark

Logo design for director

P. Bizoutis is a professional director, filmmaker, photographer and video artist.

The inspiration for creating the logo

Inspiration for the logo constituted:

  • the video camera
  • the initial letters of the director's name

• the color of the logo

Black was the only color used in the logo. That's because black as a color:

  1. reminds of the darkness in showrooms
  2. highlights the shape of the signal
  3. on the website it is distinctive and allows the visitor to see the photos with ease

• the shape of the logo

The trademark consists of thick lines with rounded edges.

Through the shapes at the top appears a person. So the logo is associated with the artist.

Lovely logo, combining many different elements without being tedious! The greatest success is that everyone is able to see the face above the camera! Thank you very much for the excellent cooperation!
Panagiotis Bizoutis
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