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Logo design for online pet community

Pets 'n' you - Pet community

  • Square display of the logo
  • The design of the dog, isolated
  • The design of the cat, isolated
  • The font, isolated
  • Light and dark blue logo.
  • The trademark on light blue background
  • The trademark on gray background (no-image photo)
  • Black and white tint of the Pets & you logo
  • The logo in horizontal arrangement

The community

The pets 'n' you logo was designed to accompany an online community where one can find information about pets and obtain a pet through the ads of the website. Both the administrators and the site visitors have a special love for animals and that was an element that ought to be reflected in the logo design.

The shape

The use of curved shapes for the presentation of domestic animals and brand name helped in order to highlight the concepts of unity, friendship and love. At the top of the composition we have the graphic representation of the two most beloved pets, a dog and a cat. The drawings of both animals is minimalistic, with the dog leaning to one side, thus embracing and protecting the cat. Sharp corners were placed at selected points in order to break the monotony. The bottom line of the composition maintains the same light-hearted atmosphere through a font, specially designed for this project.

The color

A color that expresses emotions like peace, security and trust is blue. So two shades of it were used, dark and light blue. The dark blue stars with the dog and the font using it, while the cat with the blue hue adds a light touch to the whole.

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