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Website for villas in Mykonos with compined availability calendar

Thalassa Residence - Villas in Mykonos

  • The home page of Thalassa Residence.
  • The page of each villa with a central photo.
  • Page with all the necessary information about the villa.
  • On the right, there are icons with all the platforms of each villa.
  • Page with all the facilities of the villa (view through icons).
  • Article page with topics related to Mykonos.
  • Page with availability calendar for each villa.
  • Presentation of combined availability
  • Contact page showing the route to and from the airport-port

Web development with availability calendar

The website aims at renting "Villa Castalia" and "Villa Galatia", which are part of Thalassa Residence, located in Mykonos.

The villas are presented in detail through:

  • texts
  • photographs
  • icons (facilities & services on request).

The visitor can easily search for the villa's free booking dates via the availability calendar. There is also the option of viewing a combined availability calendar for both villas.

Each villa's page contains all useful information, such as:

  • capacity
  • photographs by level
  • facilities and services (by icons)

On the right, there are the platforms in which the property is registered. Platforms are shown through icons.

Website Copywriting

At the same time, all the necessary information about the closest beach of the villas and the sights of Mykonos is given through a series of articles.

Webart undertook the writting of all the articles. The texts develop specific themes, depending on the given photographic material.

At several points in the articles there are links to the other articles, through keywords. This action helped in particular in orfer to promote the website, having played a key role in link building.

Online availability calendar

importing prices

The page manager is able to enter a price for every day of the year.

Price introduction can be made:

  • per day
  • in groups.

The manager can select days from the calendar as well as write a comment about each reservation.

Web graphic design

The website is designed minimally in terms of both structure and colors, so as to showcase the villas as much as possible.

A soft blue was used throughout the website. One of the logo's light blue hues was placed, at selected points that needed to be emphasized.

On-page SEO

The website site is search engine friendly. On-page SEO was kept up to the last detail, creating good traffic conditions.

Totally satisfied with the design and the implementation of the website. Direct contact and support in everything that I needed! I strongly recommend Webart to anyone who wants a logo design, corporate identity and website.
Nikos Christodoulou

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