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Web development for Land Rover spare parts

Land Parts - Website for spare parts

Web development for car spare parts

The Landparts website has been designed so that every visitor can easily and quickly find various replacement parts. The points where one can look for spare parts are:

  • the menu (up, left)
  • search, through model, machine and year of the car on each page
  • free search field on each page
  • car model list in the home page with a choice of machine in each type

If, through the search, the user points to a page that shares more than one category, then these are shown on the side as search filters. This facilitates and even shortens the search for a spare part.

There are three major action buttons on each page. Both show the company's call-enabled telephones. The third action button points to the contact page for further communication. This information is extremely useful, since the majority of users are calling to get more information about the spare part.

To facilitate users, the phones are also placed at the top of each product's tab.

Web graphic design

As far as design is concerned, particular attention has been paid to creating a perfect result. Colors have earthy shades.

Important information (e.g., product code, price, etc.) appear either in bright color or in larger dimensions. In this way, the user can instantly find the information he/she is looking for.

Each page starts with the advanced search for spare parts. The search gets as little space as possible in order to briefly present the products.

On-page SEO

In the construction of the landparts.gr site, all the SEO Standards were faithfully followed. Particular attention was paid to the creation of dynamic Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions across all products, creating good traffic conditions.

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