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Kavas - Printed & digital promotion of photo contest

Kavas - Photo contest promotion

  • Signal for the promotion of photography contest
  • Brochure for the promotion of the contest
  • Roll-up for the promotion of the contest
  • Placement of QR code that leads to www.kavas.com/photocontest
  • Banner on the Kavas Yachting website leading to a page with details of the competition
  • The roll-up outdoors
  • Photo of the roll-up in the external reception area

The company

Kavas Yachting deals with the rental of yachts and its ever-growing fleet is more than 50 sailing boats.

For the summer of 2018, the company decided to organize a photo contest. Webart took over the promotion of the competition through visual media.

Optical media promotion of the photo contest

For the photography contest were designed:

  • the signal "Kavas - Photo Contest"
  • a roll-up
  • a flyer with various information
  • banner for the website

• Kavas - Photo Contest signal

The signal design greatly helped to promote the campaign, since at one glance one can understand that it is a photography contest.

The design is placed in a circle and thus refers to a stamp.

The color used is dark blue. In this way, the mark is easily visible on the background image.

• roll-up

The roll-up was placed at the company's external customer reception.

Its size helps so that the information are viewed from a distance. The background is a characteristic photo of yacht holidays on the Greek islands.

The roll-up has little information, because its aim is to draw interest even from a long distance, so that people get closer for more details.

The data given is:

  • the characteristic signal of the photography contest
  • the phrase that encourages visitors to participate in the contest
  • QR code leading to the contest presentation page
  • link (if someone does not have a QR code reader)

It briefly contains some information about the contest.

• promotional flyer

The flyer works as complementary to the roll-up and is given to the company's customers upon arrival at the office.

The additional information it provides is the Useful Tips section. So the stakeholders have a general idea of what they have to do to take part in the photography contest.

The brochure also helped because it is a small form that customers can have with them on board. So they can be informed about the contest at any time (the brochure has a QR code).

• banner for the website

The banner was placed on the company's website. The aim was to inform online visitors even before their arrival in the port.

Like all the promotions mentioned above, the banner has:

  • the photograph of the yacht
  • the signal of the photo contest
  • the phrase that mentions the prize of the competition.

Graphic design for Kavas Yachting

In addition to the promotion of the photo contest, Webart has taken over for Kavas Yachting:

We all liked all applications. Our customers are excited about the competition! But the most important was the excellent cooperation of Webart with our printers!
Vaggelis Kavas
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