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Logo digitalization and corporate identity design, including business card and facebook profile

Beauty Center - Logo digitization

  • The digitized logo of the aesthetic center of Eleni Lymperopoulou with renewed colors.
  • The original logo is placed on the top. Below is the digitized logo.
  • The color palette of the previous and the new logo.
  • The aesthetics center logo on a dark background.
  • Black and white presentation of the logo.
  • The logo modified, so that it is visible as a small icon in facebook.
  • Business card design in the style of the business.
  • Notebook design in the style of the business.
  • Facebook profile, with profile & cover photos, information and articles.

The digitization

The process of the digitization of a trademark or in other words its conversion from analog to digital form, is of great importance for the business, since it makes it easier to expand the visibility of the business in whatever means wanted. From the moment that the logo is turned into a vector form it can be used in any type of dimensions, without being affected in the slightest. This particular brand of the beauty center of Eleni Lymperopoulou was available on paper only. After being scanned it was stored on the computer as a file and then it was placed as an image in the program of Illustrator. Afterwords it was designed again bit by bit, paying attention to detail in order to obtain a perfect result.

The color

The colors were easily and with great accuracy transferred from the image to the vector illustration, but evetually were altered to better reflect the style of the company. More specifically the pink color was removed, while two blue-green shades were prefered, one light and one dark.

Further applications

For the card a visual design in the colors of the logo was created, making one of the sides to stand out, with a composition of the distinguishing sign of the logo repeating its self. The same composition was placed in the writing pad, this time into a pale gray with white background.

The result was flawless both in the digitization of the signal, as well as the installation of new colors. I was very pleased from by the design of cards and notebook. Now there is a unified image of the office and this is very important.
Eleni Lymperopoulou
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