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Design of Red wine label, offered as a gift to customers of the company

Kavas - Red wine label

  • The tag designed in a virtual application
  • The wine label, with the necessary indications and a few words from Kavas company
  • The signal of the Kavas wine label
  • Isolated the background of the wine label
  • The color palette of the red wine label
  • Photo of the bottle in the external reception area

The company

Kavas Yachting deals with charter vessels.

Its fleet of more than 50 vessels is increasing every year. The owner's top goal, Vangelis Kavas, is the pleasure of the company's customers. That's why, besides the established benefits, the company also offers a bottle of red wine.

The inspiration

Inspiration for the design of the label was:

  • the seagull
  • the red color of the wine

The seagull brings to mind the freedom, the sea and the summer. The design of the label shows the silhouette of a seagull who walks by the sea.

The color

The company logo is blue. Nevertheless, for the wine label were used shades of red, referring to the color of that beverage.

• deep red

Deep red was placed:

  • in the upper left letters (Kavas - Red dry wine)
  • in the gull's silhouette
  • at the bottom of the design, which refers to ground

This highlights all the important elements of the composition. Also, bordeaux helps to easily read the information at the bottom of the label.

• coral

Coral is placed at the center of the design. Its bright color symbolizes the sea.

• ivory

The ivory was placed on top, symbolizing the sky. Its calm color helped as to easily read the name and type of drink.

The shape

On the top side is the name "KAVAS" and the type of the drink "Red dry wine".

Below this, there is the seagull by the sea. The gull's design is illustrated in detail. On the contrary, the ground and the sea consist of simple curved lines.

Graphic design for Kavas Yachting

In addition to the red wine label, Webart has taken over for Kavas Yachting:

Designing a new label for our bottles of wine was something we wanted to do for a long time. The result was amazing!
Vaggelis Kavas
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