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Logo design for civil engineering company

Scientia Maris - Logo design

  • Scientia Maris Logo
  • The Scientia Maris logo in a horizontal layout
  • The symbol of the logo, with the sea waves
  • Brand name and tagline of the logo
  • The colors of the Scientia Maris logo with their codes
  • The Scientia Maris logo in black and white
  • The Scientia Maris logo on a dark background


Scientia Maris is comprised of a team of civil engineers working in the field of marine research and infrastructure.

The main idea was to design a logo that would be a visual combination of science and the sea, as is the company name.

The sea is represented by the symbol of the two letters "SM", while science is indicated by the modern, minimal and accessible character of the brand.


The logo is located on the upper and central part of the composition. It depicts the first two letters of the brand name "SM", but abstract enough to remind of sea waves.

The brand appears in lowercase characters, which are legible even in small dimensions. Just below was the explanatory phrase “Applied Research & Engineering” identifying the subject of the company.

Logo colors

The composition consists entirely of dark and light blue.

The front of the ripples has a variation from the first color to the second, with the dark blue at the bottom and gradually turning into a bright blue tint.

On the contrary, the back of the waves has a rather dark blue color, thus emphasizing the bright spots of the composition.
In this way, the symbol is mentally uplifted and becomes lighter.

The branding and explanatory phrase are also dark blue.

It was a pleasure to work with you. We appreciate the reliability, professionalism and high quality of your services, delivered in strict timetable. The logo created for our company combines imagination and creativity, while the site reflects our company's objective and services at 100%.
Scientia Maris team - Google reviews
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