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Website for tax consultancy office

Chiotis Consulting - Taxation · Finance

  • Chiotis Consulting home page
  • The footer of the website with a contact form
  • Side banner with the company's services
  • Financial news announcement page

Web development for Chiotis Consulting

The Chiotis Consulting website aims to inform visitors about the office, the services being offered, as well as important economic news from a wide range of sources.

The main demand was easy navigation and immediate service. For this reason, the most important information and links are presented in the header of the website.

• easy website navigation

More specifically, at the top of each page, other than the logo, menu and language change, the following are placed:

  • registration in the newsletter, through which the company informs interested parties about financial news
  • login for those customers who want to see their financial obligations online
  • TUV Hellas logo, stating that the company has this very important certification

• direct visitor service

Direct service is achieved through the placement of communication forms at various points of the website:

  • the footer has a form called "Consult Chiotis Consulting"
  • on the side of several internal pages there is the form "Ask us"
  • the main form is placed on the communication page.

Web graphic design

The Chiotis Consulting website has all the necessary features of an informational website.

The logo led to the extensive use of gray and red color.

The gray served in separating various modules. Instead, red was placed as a secondary color on buttons and points that needed to be emphasized.

On page SEO

All websites of the Federation operate in a secure environment (https instead of http). Also, during the construction, all the necessary requirements for search engine friendliness were met..

Web application for Chiotis Consulting

In addition to the site, Webart also undertook the construction of an online application to monitor the financial obligations of the company's customers.

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